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You are an artist, a writer, a maker, a creative exec:

Where do you want to go? Promotion? Life/Work Balance? Career Success? 

Why do you want to go there? Dreams and Needs?

How can you get there? Coach Jonni will help you find your answer.

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Intimidated by the hyper-speed that life coaches seem to want to take you? Busy with Life/Work? Wondering where to find the time?

Does your heart do a happy dance when you see a fabulously, successfully, over-the-top wealthy person speak about their amazing goal setting and scheduling techniques? 

Do you wonder how they got there? How are you willing to be the fabulously creative person fulfilling your astonishing goals?

You are looking for the Coach Jonni Life/work success style when: 

· You are ready to roll on that goal list but also have important life/work to do.

· You have been aching to try to make change, but life/work intervenes.

· You want a life coach that GETS YOU and gets your barriers to success.

· You want a life coach who helps you with direction and gives you that gentle nudge.

· You want to create time for a daily purposeful stroll rather than dropping everything for an arduous all-out boot camp run.

Coach Jonni can join you on your GOAL journey to successful change YOUR WAY.

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