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Closing this site. Please go to Etsy Page Sage Prairie Studio or blog page

We are moving to   Etsy and  Life, Story, Art

Go to for more Courage to Create:

Happiness is art

All drawings, photographs and writing is copyrighted by Jonni Rose Lukenbill-Bowles and Jae Sage 2021

We are the creators of the werld

Coach Jonni at Sage Prairie Studio

Making is living.

Living is making.

Lets go make something.

Coach Jonni can join you on your GOAL journey to successful

 change--YOUR WAY.

Contact: c[email protected]

Subject Line: Let's get started!

Seize the day - 

recreate YOUR life story with CoachJonni 

at Sage Prairie Studio! 

Contact:[email protected] to meet up -- let's get you moving! -- Doesn't matter where you are, Coach Jonni will meet you there!

Work all day, make something creative on my time off.

Want a better life/work balance? Just make something.

I am busy making stuff right now, will be back soon.

Courage to CREATE! Unleash your creativity! Develop your strengths!